Hello Soda now covers 177 countries from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe blog

We’re delighted to announce we now operate in 177 countries! Yes that’s now 91% of the world. From Aruba to Australia, Iceland to the Ivory Coast, St Vincent and The Grenadines, and all the way to Papua New Guinea. Our solutions reach where others don’t. 

The Hello Soda KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) solutions are truly global. We’re proud that they’re being used across a wide range of sectors, right across the world, every single day.

If there’s an internet connection available, we can even verify customers in Antarctica!

As well as being used in exotic locations across the world, our innovations are making a big difference to global and local businesses, and economies where traditional verification cannot be achieved. For example, in Bermuda, a country that companies and organisations haven’t been able to authenticate in, has now been enabled through our flagship solution, Profile iD which is delivering high uplift rates, and reducing fraud.

Furthermore, developing countries across the globe, such as Lesotho, Malawi, Rwanda, Somalia, Sierra Leone and many others, are also being enabled through Profile iD. Thin files or limited credit data previously meant that many customers were being wrongly turned away, but now Profile iD can verify and authenticate these customers in seconds. 

James Blake, CEO of Hello Soda said “We’re extremely proud of our global reach, and the thousands of checks we carry out every day to keep customers and companies going. We work with businesses all over the world, and are currently growing our client base in Latin America and the Far East, and are making ID verification more accessible in Africa. That’s thanks to our suite of solutions and Universal API that makes it possible to verify anyone, anywhere in the world. It’s fantastic to see us improving digital security in so many countries throughout the world.

Some of our global clients include Blockchain, eToro, Klarna, Paysafe, and Sun Finance. To name just a few. You can see some of our other clients here 

We offer essential online identity verification where others can’t, and where traditional and outdated checks simply don’t work. If a customer is online they can be verified using Profile iD, which makes payments quicker, easier, and safer, and possible for thousands of people who otherwise couldn’t. 

From Timbuktu to Tijuana, Beirut to Bangalore, Zanzibar to Zakynthos, the Amazon to the Algarve, Hello Soda is enabling KYC and digital payments everywhere. Have a look at our new Global Coverage webpage here,  however be warned, we need to add more pins because the number of countries keeps growing every day!

If you’re a global company, or a local one, and want to see how our leading KYC solution can help you, then get in touch and book a hassle-free demo here.  

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