The Changing Landscape of Identity Fraud

The world is changing. Advances in AI and alternative data have accelerated the adoption and use of digital technology and growing numbers of businesses are realising the necessity of, not just being online but providing a first-class digital experience.

We almost take this new world for granted; from video conferencing and saving all of our information on the cloud, to startup brands having instant access to their customers – globally, people are becoming more connected with the use of digital solutions.

This acceleration in growth has had a massive impact on the way we live our daily lives, but it’s also had an impact on how exposed our identities can be to fraudsters.


The Response to Fraud in 2020

Fraud is on the rise globally and fraudsters are continually developing new ways to attack businesses and customers. Millions of people are affected by fraud every year and it is estimated that in 2019, criminals made $4.2 trillion from fraudulent activity worldwide. 

In this shifting landscape, organisations need to keep on top of their anti-fraud measures ensuring they’re up to the job of protecting their customers and deal with breaches accordingly. 

The Profile of a Fraudster

It is estimated that in 2019, criminals made $4.2 trillion from fraudulent activity worldwide. Millions of people are affected by fraud every year, but how can you take measures to prevent it and what does a typical fraudster look like? With criminals using more and more sophisticated methods of fraud, it’s never been more important to safeguard your identity.

Alternative Identity Data

How Alternative Data Can Help Create a More Inclusive Financial World

The use of alternative data has the potential to put previously ‘invisible’ individuals on the map, unlocking opportunities for financial inclusion and economic growth. Exponential amounts of data are being created online every single day, but is it being used to its true potential? 

Here, we explore how alternative data can really be used to create a more inclusive financial world.

Do You Know How Your Identity Is Used in a Day?

Do You Know How Your Identity Is Used in a Day?

It is estimated that the cost of identity fraud to the UK economy is £5.4billion and that cybercrime and fraud make up almost 50% of reported crime. Your identity is arguably your most valuable asset, but how often are you aware of all the ways that you use it to transact? With the lines of physical and digital identity becoming increasingly blurred, it’s more important than ever to safeguard your identity during transactions.

Choosing the Right Identity Verification Service

Choosing the Right Identity Verification Service

In the digital age we live, the more efficient your methods of onboarding customers, the faster your business will experience growth. But, with ever-evolving forms of regulation and a growing list of providers and solutions, choosing the right form of identity verification which is both robust and compliant is becoming increasingly difficult…

Facial Recognition vs Facial Authentication

Facial Recognition vs Facial Authentication

Facial recognition and facial authentication both provide businesses with a way of identity verification for their customers, but there seems to be a lot of confusion around the differences between the two methods.

So what is the difference between facial recognition and facial authentication, and how can businesses benefits?

6AMLD What You Need To Know

Understanding 6AMLD and the risk to your business

The EU 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD) came into place in January 2020. By December 2020 the next iteration is to be implemented, the 6th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (6AMLD) introduces even more changes, and regulations that businesses have to comply with. 

Regulators and governments are regularly looking for ways to protect customers, whilst tackling fraud, money laundering and cybercrimes that, unfortunately, are just some of the risks customers could face when using online services.

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