Hidden costs of poor customer onboarding
All businesses are looking to acquire new customers, but their competitors are too. A poor onboarding process can frustrate new customers which can result in greater volumes of abandonment. This means a business will increase it’s acquisition costs and worst still it will create a poor brand experience which in some cases can cost a business more.
5 ways to win when onboarding new players in online gaming blog
For gaming operators, smooth and speedy onboarding is absolutely essential, however it can be made more complicated due to regulatory requirements, which can add friction to the journey. 

Here we tell you how our all-in-one solution, UniversalConnect, can optimise onboarding, adhere to regulations, keep new customers happy and ready to play, and more likely to stay with you.  

We’ve got the insights and global solutions to help...
Ultimate Beneficial Owner? With AML5 there will be a whole lot more blog
AML5 ahoy! In the 5th incarnation of the Anti-Money Laundering Regs more people will have to be verified for KYB. Rather than one Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO), now anyone with a 25% share (or in a significant shareholding group) will have to be verified.

In this blog we tell you about a key detail of AML5, and how we can help you meet the new regulation coming into effect in January 2020.  
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