6AMLD What You Need To Know

6AMLD – Are You Prepared?

Businesses need to be compliant with the 6AMLD regulations by 3rd December 2020 – with the date quickly approaching, are you prepared?

Don’t get caught out by the latest updates to the anti-money laundering directive, ensure that your business is ready for the changes to happen – there’s not long to go.

4 reasons why Alternative Data is The Key to Global Success

7 Ways Big Data Lets You Learn More About Your Customers

More and more data is being created online every single day. With digital advancements occurring constantly, a continued reliance on traditional data sources that were used 20 years ago risks restricting access to products for customers.

There is a lot of talk around ‘big data’ but it simply refers to any large amount of unstructured data, and without the adequate analytics tools to derive meaning from it can deem it meaningless – but how can we help to make sense of that data to learn more about each and every one of your customers?

7 Principles of Better Onboarding User Experience

7 Principles for Better Onboarding Players

Ensuring that your customer has a positive onboarding experience is key to avoiding drop-offs and enhancing the user experience. 

When a customer signs up to your business, the onboarding process is the first experience of your business that they will see. The impact of this can be huge. If a customer has a negative experience, they are more likely to take their business elsewhere.

TECHTalks – Video FAQ’ series

In our series of TECHTalks with Hello Soda’s Chief Technical Officer, Symeon Breen, we addressed some of the most common technical questions that we are asked as a global FinTech business.

In this blog we discuss the different questions that we are frequently asked as a business and Symeon gives us some of the key answers we were looking for.

Facial Recognition vs Facial Authentication

Facial Recognition vs Facial Authentication

Facial recognition and facial authentication both provide businesses with a way of identity verification for their customers, but there seems to be a lot of confusion around the differences between the two methods.

So what is the difference between facial recognition and facial authentication, and how can businesses benefits?

6AMLD What You Need To Know

Understanding 6AMLD and the risk to your business

The EU 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD) came into place in January 2020. By December 2020 the next iteration is to be implemented, the 6th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (6AMLD) introduces even more changes, and regulations that businesses have to comply with. 

Regulators and governments are regularly looking for ways to protect customers, whilst tackling fraud, money laundering and cybercrimes that, unfortunately, are just some of the risks customers could face when using online services.

Understanding what LCCP means for gaming operators

Understanding what the LCCP means for gaming operators

The UK Gambling Commission is constantly reviewing and updating the LCCP regulations for operators – but are your identity verification processes up-to-date?  

Huge changes to the LCCP first took place in May 2019 (you can read about them here) to ensure safe and responsible gambling throughout the industry, and since then the UKGC have been keeping a close eye on how they can keep operators verifying their customers’ identities accurately and efficiently to comply with the rules.

Digital Identity Verification - Financial Inclusion

How digital identity verification will improve financial inclusion

It’s believed there are over 1 billion individuals (World Bank) around the world who don’t have official identification and 1.7 billion people who are considered financially excluded.

The global pandemic has resulted in an increasing demand for digital identity verification solutions to ensure inclusion for all, even those with limited or no identification.

How lenders can automate customer onboarding

How lenders can automate consumer onboarding

In recent years, digital onboarding methods have enabled online lenders to grow rapidly. Traditional lenders, such as banks, have been unable to keep up with the streamlined consumer experience offered by their online counterparts.

Implementing a digital-first approach for onboarding consumers when applying for online lending services has contributed to a huge rise in consumer loan growth.

Future of marketing & how to make your brand stand out

The future of marketing and how to make your brand stand out

Imagine being part of a generation who grew up with the ability to get anything they wanted from the touch of a button. Now imagine those same experiences applying to everyone, how can you market to them whilst understanding their needs?

When considering the future of your marketing methods, it is important to not only consider current spenders but future spenders as well. Imagine knowing when they’re likely to spend too.

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