SXSW in Review: All about AI?

SXSW is over for another year and we had a blast exhibiting and attending. Here are our some of our key takeaways.

1. ‘Big Data’ is so last year

Sure ‘Big Data’ is cool but it’s meaningless without applying advanced analytics. While in 2017, the term ‘Big Data’ was exciting, now the hype is over and people are more concerned with it’s practical applications and what techniques can be applied to derive meaning.

This means that it was time for visitors to differentiate between the few valuable tools that can actually deliver actionable insight, and the businesses that just jumped on the bandwagon but end up delivering very little useful insights comparatively.


2. Natural Language Processing is on everyone’s radar

Out of all of the techniques that our tool uses to analyse text and data, Natural Language Processing garnered the most attention, with many businesses looking to find options that will allow them to understand and add structure to unstructured text such as review data, support queries, and other digital data.



Author Clare Palmer