Responsible lending with PROFILE

A short-term loan is a loan which is usually for up to £1000 that is intended as a quick fix for unforeseen expenses, such as a higher-than-usual electric bill or an unexpected house repair. Consumers then repay the loan when the funds become available in their account which is usually on, or just after, payday.

The new rules

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) have recently proposed new rules centred around short-term lending to reduce loan default rates and the associated losses for both the consumer and the lender.

The new rules require lenders to determine affordability, and restrict collection to just two attempts with clear warning beforehand.

Lenders must assess borrower’s finances to ensure ability to repay. They are required to:

  • Verify income
  • Verify major financial obligations
  • Check borrowing history
  • Make a reasonable determination that sufficient income remains to cover loan costs and estimated living expenses


While these rules may seem somewhat inconvenient for lenders, in the long run they will help you save money and reduce losses while also protecting consumers. With the right technology, you can ensure that you determine affordability and predict the best time to collect payments with little time and effort.


How our technology works with lenders to abide by these new rules benefiting lenders and consumers

Restricted Collections

PROFILE predicts users’ date of pay to enable you to determine the best time for collections and improve chances that the chosen collection date will be successful. This is particularly important now that lenders are restricted to just two withdrawal attempts.

Determining affordability to ensure ability to repay

Lenders are now required to make a reasonable determination that sufficient income remains to cover loan costs and living expenses, which protects consumers somewhat from getting caught in a repeat borrowing cycle while also reducing loan default rates.

Responsible lending with PROFILE

Through big data and text analytics, our lending solution PROFILE provides lenders with the ability to determine affordability by providing unique and useful consumer insights.

With PROFILE, you can infer whether the consumer is going through a life event or whether they have a particular lifestyle that may influence their financial status and capability to repay, including:

  • Whether the consumer has children, pets, or other dependents
  • Whether they are going through a major financial event including job loss, a promotion, moving house, etc.
  • Indicators of good finances including going on holiday, making new purchases and shopping, a new job or promotion, and more.

PROFILE can help you determine affordability for responsible lending with data provided on:

-       Intent to pay

-       ID verification

-       Fraud detection

-       Employment verification

-       Mentions of positive events e.g. promotion, new job, holiday, marriage

-       Date of pay

To find out more about abiding by the new CFPB rules and how PROFILE can help, get in touch today


Author Ben Allott