What is PROFILE?


PROFILE is a unique software solution that analyses the digital footprint of a consumer and returns real-time, actionable insights for your business needs. It can be easily integrated into your sign up or application process to verify identity, create a smoother user journey, increase customer onboarding, and personalise your marketing.

A multilingual, multi-sector, global solution...


PROFILE is a global and multilingual solution created by Hello Soda which benefits multiple business functions in various industries, providing real-time actionable insights to help you to:

  • Verify identity
  • Detect fraud
  • Boost inclusion
  • Personalise the user experience
  • Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

Learn more about the different elements of PROFILE on the product pages below or visit the 'Our Industries' section for additional sector-specific information.




Reduce fraud losses and increase customer on-boarding by up to 60% with our multi-channel identity verification solution. PROFILE ID is a global ID solution that is effective at verifying applicants which other providers have traditionally struggled with such as Millennials, thin files, and new to country consumers.

With PROFILE ID, you can:

  • Pre-fill application forms
  • Detect and reduce fraud
  • Verify identity
  • Gain confidence of their age
  • Re-engage with consumers who previously dropped off


PROFILE Personalisation


True one-to-one personalisation is only possible with the breadth and depth of insight that we provide with PROFILE Personalisation. Our unique personalisation system enables you to present each customer with a unique customer experience, delivering information, products, and services that are always relevant to improve personal relationships, increase customer retention by 5% and maximise marketing ROI.

With PROFILE Personalisation, you can:

  • Target customers based on the most up-to-date data with our real-time alerts
  • Determine best contact method and time
  • Personalise products based on interests, hobbies, travel, and more.




Predict risk based on more data than ever, including personality traits, interests and employment. PROFILE Risk delivers valuable insights into your consumer's lifestyle for more informed, real-time risk assessment to help you boost inclusion and accept more customers.

With PROFILE Risk, you can:

  • Generate more accurate assessments
  • Reduce losses
  • Increase customer acquisition
  • Increase auto-accepts




Extract meaning from unstructured text to automate processes such as categorising emails, extracting topics, and prioritising messages as well as gain an insight into your users/reviewers. Not just a standard text analytics solution, PROFILE Insight uses advanced expert data science techniques to extract topics, determine sentiment, establish intent, identify life events and flag level of urgency.

With PROFILE Insight, you can:

  • Flag urgent messages
  • Improve efficiency and reduce demand on human resource
  • Automate classification of text


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