Using alternative data for credit scoring to boost acceptance rates


PROFILE Risk is a multilingual solution which connects to a consumer's digital footprint to enable you to supplement your existing data sources with additional information to make more informed decisions and reach consumers that might not be covered by traditional data sources.

With PROFILE Risk, you can:

Increase financial inclusion

Boost customer acquisition

Reduce fraud by up to 20%

Improve pricing models

by 30%

About PROFILE Risk


PROFILE Risk works as a result of the consumer connecting their digital footprint during your application process. This provides you with additional insight to make more accurate and informed decisions (eg. more confidence to auto-accept, uplift marginal declines, generate more informed insurance pricing, supplement traditional data). Our solution provides visibility into consumers whom traditional data might not adequately cover, such as Millennials and those who are new-to-country.

Unique scores and features including:

Employment indicator

Personality traits

Estimated date of pay

Spending habits


Life events

Leading short-term lender


"With Hello Soda, we have been able to adapt to the digital age and utilise alternative data in order to make lending decisions. Since integration, we have seen 15% uplift in decline pool, and a 63% return on thin-file applicants who socially connect."

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