PROFILE Personalisation

PROFILE Personalisation

Know your customer like never before


PROFILE Personalisation uses specialist big data and text analytics techniques to derive meaning from a consumer's digital footprint and delivers unique and relevant insights into your consumer base.



What your customers are interested in


Which products or services they're likely to want


When to engage for maximum response and CTR

Where they're going and where they've gone


How they want to be contacted

We deliver you unique, relevant consumer insights, including:

Personality traits (The Big Five)

Contact Strategy

Brand Evangelism (are they likely to rave about your brand?)

Life events (moments of higher intent to purchase)

Spending Habits

Socio-demographic Information

Date of Pay

Social Influence (do they have a large social network?)


So that you can:

Enhance your customer experience 

Target your ad campaigns


Tailor your homepage


Re-engage with drop-offs

Increase email engagement

Go beyond social listening...

There is now so much data in existence that in order to derive meaningful insight, businesses must implement the right tools with the right focus. Whilst social listening tools do provide some insight into consumer behaviour, they only tend to highlight trends and collective information.


Social listening discovers what; PROFILE Personalisation, discover the why and how as well


Think of social listening as the tip of the 'consumer insight iceberg'. It skims the surface, monitoring social media channels to capture mentions of a brand, topic, competitor etc. PROFILE Personalisation goes beyond this and analyses tens of thousands of data points, including social media and third-party consumer data, to provide much deeper insights and real-time information about consumers as individuals, enabling you to make more informed business decisions.



Major UK Online Retailer


As a leading retailer, our challenge is to uplift thin files in order to bring on board more customers.

Not only has utilising PROFILE enabled us to do so, it also has given us the platform to personalise services to each customer, resulting in a 12% uplift in click-through rates.”

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