The new benchmark for online identity verification solutions


PROFILE ID is different from other online identity verification solutions. It analyses all of the available data points from a consumer's digital footprint, returning verified name, age, ID Scores, Fraud Scores, Employment Scores and a traffic light confidence indicator which can be used for ID checks, KYC, trust economy & fraud prevention.

With PROFILE ID you can:

Boost customer acquisition

Gain visibility into thin-file consumers and on-board up to 60% more

Verify age

Detect and
reduce fraud

Increase ID verification by 30%

So how does it work?


 Our online identity verification works by analysing:

Corroborative Data


Consistencies in name, age, location and employment across all connected accounts.

Qualitative Data


Natural language processing and psycholinguistics techniques analyse interactions with others, ensuring that conversations are real and in-line with the user's application.

Quantitative Data


Is there enough data available to be confident that the user is who they claim to be?

Leading UK Mobile Network


“A lack of traditional data means that we were rejecting tens of thousands of applicants.

Utilising Hello Soda’s online verification solution PROFILE ID as opposed to other traditional or online identity verification solutions, we have increased acceptance rates and experienced an uplift in customer onboarding by 60% for thin-files."

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