Our New Products

At Hello Soda we are always innovating and listening to market needs, so last quarter we launched several new products. Explore them below!

Discovery Validate

Discovery Validate provides a confidence score for each of your customer’s available contact points as well as verifying their employment status and their stated location.

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Discovery Interests

Discovery Interests produces a detailed report of an individual’s likes and interests. By analysing the brands or celebrities that they follow and the text that they have written online, enabling you to enhance your CRM, optimise marketing campaigns and tailor your content more effectively to an individual.

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Discovery Engage

Discovery Engage goes one step further. It conducts advanced audience analysis to identify how often your customers engage with a particular business or brand online, providing unique insights into your followers to help you market more effectively to boost reach and retain more customers

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Extract meaning from unstructured text to automate processes such as categorising emails, extracting topics, and prioritising messages as well as gain an insight into your users/reviewers. Not just a standard text analytics solution, PROFILE Insight uses advanced expert data science techniques to extract topics, determine sentiment, establish intent, identify life events and flag level of urgency.

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Fraud Web

Fraud Web helps you to detect and prevent potential fraud with email and phone number validation as well as risk alerts into the likelihood that your consumers’ data is available on the dark web. With additional features including PEPs and Sanctions checks, Fraud Web is an unrivalled AML and identity solution.

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Author Ahmed Amin