Online Them

Parental insights to help ensure your child's online safety


Gain insights into your child's online activity and respond to risks immediately with our parental social media monitoring tool. Online Them can be used for monitoring cyberbullying, whether your children are engaging in inappropriate conversations, being targeted by grooming, or even engaging in social media when they shouldn't be. With Online Them we aim to promote a safer online community for your children, by giving parents the visibility and insight that they deserve. For further information, visit

Keep them safe without invading their privacy


Technology is providing new ways for cyberbullies and predatory strangers to make contact with your children. Online Them enables you to monitor your child's activity across popular social media platforms, all with your child's permission and without the need to access their passwords.

Designed by parents for parents


Online Them is a vigilant product that helps you shape a safer online environment for everyone without compromising your family's relationship and maintaining mutual trust. Our tool is built on transparency, trust and consent to give you peace of mind while your children explore online.

Simple and easy to use


We’ve combined cutting-edge data analysis techniques with high performance algorithms to generate reports that cover the key areas of your child’s social media profiles. We understand that the digital world can be daunting, so we’ve made sure our reports are user-friendly, easy to understand and accessible to everyone.

Our report provides:


  • Alerts for high-risk language
  • Alerts for interaction with a new account
  • Most used words (negative and positive)
  • Indicators of adult content
  • Indicators of cyberbullying
  • And much more...