Invest in Smart Advertising with big data

Introducing smart advertising

Smart advertising is the revolutionary way of targeting television adverts to different audiences to ensure that what viewers see is tailored to their wants and needs. It enables businesses to target their ads based on various factors that they deem to make their products more relevant to a certain consumer, meaning that one household watching Game of Thrones might not be seeing the same content during the ad-break as the household next door.

Despite being a developing and emerging technology, there have already been a number of success stories recorded, including by East Coast Trains who, by targeting adverts exclusively to new and existing customers, saw a 26% uplift in those booking tickets directly through East Coast.

Smart advertising is a step towards the future. Currently, it holds a set range of household attributes that businesses can choose to segment viewers by, however there is also the capability for advertisers to import their own consumer data. This opens up opportunities to target your ads based on more telling individual details such as whether the individual usually goes on ski holidays every February, whether they are extravert or introvert, and when their predicted pay day is.

You can discover all of the above (and so much more) with PROFILE, and use this in conjunction with smart advertising to deliver personalised and targeted viewing to your consumer base to increase customer acquisition, retention, and conversion.


Beyond Television

“Obviously people tune in to watch programmes but the whole viewing experience matters… Viewers like relevant ads.” John Litster may have been discussing the new Sky AdSmart with Metro, but these techniques, and these results, are not exclusive to television. In fact, using Big Data analytics, businesses can discover an individual consumer’s likes, hobbies, lifestyle, and personality, and combine this with traditional demographic data, to refine segmentation further and target consumers with products and services that they really care about, through any medium. An ad striking the right message of “I know just what you’re thinking” rather than “I’m just targeting every female between the age of 25 and 35” can be the difference between a positive user experience resulting in a conversion, and a negative user experience resulting in your brand being perceived as annoying and clueless.


Getting Personal

PROFILE, an advanced Big Data analytics software, can facilitate this personalisation. PROFILE offers a real-time, proactive approach to marketing your product and, not only gives you access to vast amounts of consumer data, it provides structure and presents these in comprehensive reports. Our reports detail easy-to-apply scores on consumers’ interests, personality, life events (e.g. marriage, child, graduation), positive events (such as holidays), location, estimated date of pay, ID verification, and more, enabling you to discover:

·      when a consumer is most likely to be receptive to your advertising

·      how they’d prefer to be contacted

·      whether they like options or not

·      what products they might be interested in and when

and to segment and target ads accordingly.

Smart advertising using insights into consumers’ actual character and lifestyle not only will improve conversion and click-through rates, it will enable businesses to save money by eliminating advertising to consumers who are unlikely to respond to your products, allowing businesses of any shape and size to benefit.


Find out more today and dig deeper, with PROFILE


Author Clare Palmer