Increase the value of your Wi-Fi service

Imagine giving your clients far more than just a Wi-Fi service. Imagine being able to offer them the digital equivalent of an in-depth conversation with each and every customer. By integrating PROFILE at sign up / login you can increase the value of your Wi-Fi service. Read on to find out how.

Registering new accounts and filling out forms has been a source of frustration ever since the rise of social connect and social login. But even if you already utilise social login, there are far more benefits that you could be reaching than just a smoother, faster sign up process.

With PROFILE, not only can you speed up sign up and reduce friction, you can connect to a consumer’s digital footprint (with their consent) to instantly gain unique actionable insights to add value to each and every Wi-Fi connection. Enable your customers to personalise marketing to increase loyalty and identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with real-time information including:

  • what they’re interested in and are likely to need (do they like football? Do they support Everton or Liverpool?)
  • how to adapt marketing based on their personality (would they respond better to an exclusive discount or a “buy one get one for a friend” offer?)
  • when they are more likely to spend/buy (has it just been payday? Do they have an occasion approaching?)
  • where they frequently visit or where they are going (do they commute via train a lot? Are they frequently in Central London?)

Turn your social Wi-Fi into a superior source of marketing insights to deliver greater value to your clients.

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Author Charles Mott