Increase your odds of success, with Big Data

With 253 gambling sites in the UK alone, it’s harder than ever to attract new customers, and with the constant competition of new-joiner bonuses, it has become more and more difficult to retain existing ones. Gaming companies need to differentiate themselves in a crowded market and move away from copycat marketing and one-size-fits all bonus plans. With the right big data analytics solution, you can personalise the user experience in real-time to foster loyalty and prolong players’ lifetime values.


Restrictions of current processes 

Current processes mean that it can take months to identify patterns in consumer behaviour and spending habits in order to effectively predict future behaviour and personalise marketing. It is common practice to rely on analysing how players interact with games in order to derive insights such as “this user has bet on local cricket matches regularly over the past 6 months, more often at the start of the month, and only when the odds are 4:1 or better”. While this may result in more effective marketing over time, it is a very lengthy process and the risk of churn within this period is high due to attractive sign-up bonuses and first bet offers from competitors.

It is easy to miss opportunities and lose custom when relying on one-size-fits-all marketing approaches or impersonal offers. For example, a customer who places bets solely on horse racing is unlikely to take up your offer of enhanced odds on the Everton vs Man Utd match on Saturday. Sending an impersonal notification of an offer which is not relevant to their interests or hobbies may lead them to switch off their notifications, ignore future prompts, or even delete your app from their device entirely. While, as mentioned above, many companies do segment customers and personalise offers, they do this based on monitoring and analysing habits over time, which means that during the first (crucial) months following onboarding, the customer will be receiving generic offers, rewards, and experiences.

Even personalised rewards and offers can damage customer relationships if done incorrectly. For example, just because a customer consistently plays from Manchester doesn’t mean that they support a Manchester football team (or any football team at all). Similarly, sending prompts at the wrong time of the month (such as a week before payday) could have you missing out on customer spending because of uninformed timing.

The challenge faced is finding the right business intelligence to enhance retention and maximise customer spend efficiently. Our advanced software solution PROFILE isn’t player analytics, it’s people analytics. It provides real-time insights immediately from connection so that you can identify user interests, life events, personality, best time to contact and location, and tailor marketing accordingly.


Leveraging digital consumer data

Advances in the field of big data analytics mean that there is now the capability to profile consumers in real-time based on far more than traditional data or gambling habits alone. Back in the day, businesses would know their customers by name, what they usually bought, when they’d usually come in, their buying behaviour, and even about their recent honeymoon in Cancun. With PROFILE, it is possible to get these in-depth, meaningful insights immediately, and communicate with each consumer in such an effective way that they feel as though you know them personally.

Personalisation could mean customising app and website homepages based on a customer’s interests and location, it could mean specifically highlighting the odds for their football team winning at the weekend, and it could mean tailoring your messaging based on their personality type (would they respond better to enhanced odds or free bets; to short “Bet now or miss out” messages or longer, more justified ones.)

PROFILE makes it simple to profile players on connection and to adapt offers, rewards, and user experience from the very start so that you can increase retention and ensure ROI.


  • Personality profiling
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Current and past locations
  • Life events (past, present, upcoming)
  • Predicted date of pay
  • When they’re online


  • Optimise time and method of contact
  • Increase click-through-rate on campaigns
  • Boost retention
  • Maximise customer spend

Clients currently see:

  • 20% uplifts in re-marketing
  • 12% uplifts in click though and purchase from campaigns


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Author Charles Mott