Hello Soda land in Austin

Hello Soda’s CEO sits down with the Austin Business Journal to discuss the exciting new US office opening, why we chose Austin, and our US recruitment plans.


Our Chief Revenue Officer Ben Allott, who has been with Hello Soda since the start, is moving out to head up the Austin office. To begin with we will have a small strong team, recruiting 4 members once we have moved but the aim is to increase the size of the team to 20, including Sales, Tech, Creative, Admin, and Data over the next year.

Austin is famous for it’s tech scene, and is home to a strong university, which is particularly beneficial for future hiring purposes and to get even more talented individuals on board our journey. We visited a lot of cities on our search, including New York and Chicago, but Austin leads the way by far in terms of its friendly atmosphere as well as its reputation for welcoming and celebrating up-and-coming innovations. We are very excited about the expansion and the direct flight to Heathrow means that we are able to easily travel between the UK and US offices to ensure company culture and values are always aligned.

Author James Blake