Hello Soda: First came the idea, then the name

The Idea for Hello Soda

The idea for Hello Soda came following years of working in the credit industry. Our founders became more and more frustrated with how data was being utilised. People were being rejected for services that they should have received, while other people were being accepted who should have been rejected, leading to massive losses due to default and fraud. We wanted to empower consumers to have better access to opportunities based on what really matters. Not only that, we wanted to free businesses to interact better with their consumers, allowing them to increase revenue and become a part of their customers’ everyday lives.


The Name

Once we had our idea, we hired a marketing agency to help think of a company name, but none of these truly captured what we were about.

Over beers in a bar one day, we sat venting our frustration. We wanted something that encapsulated our aim and our passion. We talked about freeing up data for companies to use, so that they would no longer be restricted to traditional credit scores and demographics when there was so much else out there.

Consumers post, like, and comment on social media multiple times a day, creating more and more data exponentially. For businesses, utilising this data would be revolutionary; it would be like saying ‘hello’ to a whole new world. In fact, it would be saying ‘hello’ to social data.

Then came Hello Soda

Hello Soda means more than just access to new forms of data, it means new opportunities for consumers, and businesses, that can be life-changing.

Then to now

Despite the initial concept for the business being to verify identity through leveraging social data, we have since expanded and diversified our use cases. Now we have various solutions for identity, fraud and personalisation which leverage digital data. These are used by clients across 5 continents in countless sectors and are continuously being developed and improved.


Author James Blake