Fraud Web

Verify contact details and reduce fraud

Fraud Web helps is a consumer data protection software which helps to detect and prevent potential fraud with email and phone number validation as well as risk alerts into the likelihood that your consumers’ data is available on the dark web. With additional features including PEPs and Sanctions checks, Fraud Web is an unrivalled AML and identity solution.

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The Dark Web: Is my customer's data out there?

Fraud Web enables you to see whether your customers’ data is for sale on The Dark Web, and which data is at risk. This means that you can identify whether a criminal could potentially access your customer’s data and know if your customer has fallen victim to ID fraud.

With Fraud Web you will receive high, medium, and low risk alerts surrounding the likelihood of ID theft so that you can quickly and efficiently identify fraud and alert your customers.

Use Cases

Ping Trees

Identify leads most likely to convert to loan with mobile verification to reduce unnecessary expenditure and boost conversion rate.


Verify active contact details and identify likelihood that an email address or phone number is at risk of theft to reduce fraudulent applications and claims

The complete anti-fraud package


  • Validate mobile number is active & current
  • Validate email address is active & current
  • Identify risk of identity theft/fraud connected to your customers’ data
  • Run PEPs & sanctions checks

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