Don’t let data breaches cost you

In light of the recent Equifax data breach affecting over 143 million US consumers (plus additional UK), it's important to highlight how vital data protection is and why this is a great example of why companies should be using Hello Soda. Here's an idea of what to do after the Equifax data breach.

Our dark web tool can see which of your customers data have been compromised and to what level (e.g. is it just their name and address or is it more serious and have they had their credit card details compromised as well?)

I know you may be thinking what is the Dark Web, this is the illicit market place where peoples stolen identities are bought and sold. We have a link direct to the Dark Web to monitor which customers details are available so we can help you in the following ways.

This can be utilised

a) on an ongoing basis (e.g.monthly or quarterly) on your current customer base to make sure that none of your current customers have had their details breached and leave you open to fraud and 

b) on future potential customers at application stage to identify which of those applying for loans/credit are using compromised information / identities, we can flag those applicants whose details are breached and allow you to monitor and deal with their applications in a different way. This is to protect you against impersonation fraud.

Given the extent of this recent breach, there is a high potential for a flurry of people applying fraudulently. It’s vital that you protect your business sooner rather than later.

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Author Charles Mott