These days almost everyone has a digital footprint, creating vast amounts of data that is readily available online. What if there was a way to leverage this data to gain useful insights into consumers? Discovery by Hello Soda turns your limited contact information into a plethora of detail to build a better, more detailed picture of your customers or audience. Our unique set of products enable you to validate contact details, discover pages and social media your consumers own, understand their interests and what they like, and how much they engage with your brand and your competitors. Read on to discover more...

Verify contact points

Personalise marketing techniques

Boost brand engagement

Discover more about your consumers...

Discovery is a global and multilingual solution which benefits multiple business functions in various industries, providing you with additional insights into your customers and audience, including:

  • Validated contact details
  • Social media URLs
  • Employment status
  • Interests 
  • Influencer & engagement levels

Learn more about the different elements of Discovery on the product pages below. 

Discovery Validate

Discovery Validate provides a confidence score for each of your customer’s available contact points as well as verifying their employment status and their stated location.

Using just a single unique identifier as a starting point, Discovery Validate builds confidence in a user’s digital identity by cross-referencing data from a range of different reachable data sources to optimise your contact strategy.

  • Validate active contact points
  • Verify location
  • Discover social media URLs
  • Determine employment status

Discovery Interests

Discovery Interests produces a detailed report of an individual’s likes and interests. By analysing the brands or celebrities that they follow on Twitter and the text that they have written online, enabling you to enhance your CRM, optimise marketing campaigns and tailor your content more effectively to an individual. 

  • Interests & hobbies
  • Brands & celebrities
  • Celebrities & public figures
  • Personality scores

Discovery Engage


Discovery Engage goes one step further. It conducts advanced audience analysis to identify how often your customers engage with a particular business or brand online, providing unique insights into your followers to help you market more effectively to boost reach and retain more customers

  • Audience interest breakdowns
  • Engagement scores
  • Influencer levels
  • Competitor interest

How can Discovery be used?



Turn the limited contact information that you have on an individual into a plethora of detail to increase likelihood of making contact successfully. Verify active contact points, verify location, and determine employment status to prioritise based on propensity to collect and price new collections books.

Fraud Prevention


Identify additional data points to verify identity, location and employment status to confirm whether a consumer is who they claim to be. Identify whether the consumer is linked to an email address previously involved in previous fraudulent applications or activity to reduce fraud.



Discover detailed insight into consumer interests which can be easily integrated into your CRM database including ranked interests and breakdowns, top brands and celebrities, mentions of competitors and consumer sentiment, and Big Five personality scores.

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