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Reach data that's not accessible through standard search engines


Only 31% of companies capture and validate customer contact details. Our unique solution, Discovery, retrieves all of this publicly available personal data, cross-references and maps it, allowing you to see where it has come from. Discovery doesn’t scrape data, it traverses from one piece of publicly available information to another, linking it all to one individual: your customer.

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"Working with Hello Soda’s Discovery is enabling us to better understand consumers and prioritise collections based on which consumers have active contact points (email addresses and phone numbers) as well as by their employment status."        

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How does it work?



• Name

• Location (if known)

• Any unique identifier
(eg. email address, social media handle)




• Location

• Employment verification

• Social media URLs

• Identity confidence and Evidence



Information is traversed by a method Hello Soda refer to as Hop-Hop, where a piece of data relating to a user is subsequently ‘hopped’ from to another source where this information is available, creating links to a user’s overall digital identity.

This enables Discovery to bring back associated information on the user found across reachable data sources, such as location(s), alternative email addresses, and social network handles.

What can Discovery do?



• Social media accounts owned by the individual and URLs to linked pages

• Additional data points to help verify identity

• Whether an individual is uncontactable or just inactive



• Contact points

• Location

• Employment status


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