Discovery Interests

Discover more about your customers


Discovery Interests turns your limited contact information into in-depth interest reports to enable you to segment and tailor marketing based on more than just demographic data.

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What can Discovery do?



• What they're interested in (specific breakdowns such as which football team they support)

• Who they're interested in (brand, celebrities, and public figures)

• How they're interested (do they feel positively or negatively about them?)



• Active contact points

• Social media URLs

• An individual's location

• Employment status


How does it work?



• Name

• Location (if known)

• Any unique identifier
(eg. email address, social media handle)




• In-depth interests & hobbies

• Celebrities & public figures

• Brands & competitors

• Sentiment analysis



Information is traversed by a method Hello Soda refer to as Hop-Hop, where a piece of data relating to a user is subsequently ‘hopped’ from to another source where this information is available, creating links to a user’s overall digital identity.

This enables Discovery to bring back associated information on the user found across reachable data sources, such as location(s), alternative email addresses, and social network handles.

Gain in-depth insights into your customers' interests

Discovery Interests doesn't just scratch the surface, it builds a detailed picture about an individual, connecting contact details to meaningful information including interests, personality, and what brands matter to them so that you can refine and personalise your marketing for improved ROI.


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