Discovery Interests

Discover more about your customers


Discovery Interests is an advanced audience segmentation tool which turns your limited contact information into in-depth interest reports to enable you to segment and tailor Twitter advertisements based on more than just demographic data.

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How does it work?

Create more accurate and relevant hyper-targeted ads

Improve engagement and organic reach

Boost conversion

Reduce cost-per-click and ad spend

How can Discovery Interests be used?

• Increase reach to high spenders

• Boost relevance and conversion rates

• Reactivate your dormant customers

Individual interests breakdown and ranking

Audience interests breakdown and ranking

Engagement intensity levels

Big 5 personality traits

Influencer scores

Gain in-depth insights into your customers' interests

Discovery Interests doesn't just scratch the surface, it builds a detailed picture about an individual, enabling you to create hyper-targeted, relevant Twitter ads which generate more (and better quality) click-throughs for your budget.


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