Discovery Engage

Boost brand reach, engagement and loyalty


Discovery Engage conducts advanced audience analysis to identify influencer levels, engagement levels, brand loyalty, and interests of your followers to help you market more effectively to boost reach and retain more customers

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What can Discovery do?



• Which of your customers engage with your competitors (and how much)

• How big is their social reach (are they 'influencers?)

• What is your audience interested in?

How does it work?



• Batch details of followers




• Engagement score

• Influence score

• Competitor engagement level

• Interests

Identify interests of your audience base

Discovery Engage boosts engagement levels by identifying the interests breakdown of your audience (for example, what percentage of your audience follow Manchester United Football Club vs. Everton Football Club? or Beyonce vs. Ed Sheeran?) These key insights can drastically increase engagement levels by offering more of your audience topics (general interest, offers, competitions, blogs etc.) that they share an interest in.


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