Totalamber are an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business which undertake global recruitment for businesses. Totalamber start all new projects by aligning Business, People, Process, & Technology to dramatically increase the probability of project and business success. Totalamber work with clients who have upcoming projects and a need for skilled team members to ensure that each project has the right team and technology to make it successful.


Totalamber wanted to improve the way in which they sources team members for projects. They were looking for a solution which would match skilled candidates to roles in a way which benefited both their business client and the candidate.


Hello Soda’s software PROFILE takes thousands of data points from an individual’s digital footprint. Using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, PROFILE delivers meaningful information to Totalamber about candidates, including the Big Five personality traits, from which Totalamber can infer whether a cadidate is likely to be detail-oriented, innovative and creative, or whether they prefer to work independently or collaboratively.


PROFILE’s unique analytics capability enables Totalamber to match candidates to projects based on more than just formal methods such as experience and education. PROFILE allows Totalamber to ensure that the right people are matched to the right projects, using data including:

  • Big Five personality scores (Openness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism)
  • Interests and Hobbies…

…to determine individual working styles, infer creativity, organisation,¬†teamwork preferences, and more to ensure that the teams built for each project are successful.


Author Clare Palmer