“The sheer volume of personal data now available is a great opportunity. Collecting and processing this data into viable information in a consumer friendly manner is a challenge, and we look forward to working with Hello Soda on this journey.””

— Andrew Gething, CEO, MorganAsh.

MorganAsh provide medical underwriting and brokering services to reduce costs, increase speed and improve integrity of Financial Services. Traditionally, MorganAsh have sourced data from different sources ranging from simple lifestyle and health metrics, the consumer’s postcode as an indicator of social status, and medical reports from doctors.

MorganAsh have since aimed to improve speed, reduce costs and improve the risk profiling of applicants for Life Insurance products.


MorganAsh aim to collect and analyse health and lifestyle risks of consumers to better target and profile of consumers in an efficient but accurate manner.


PROFILE uses text analytics techniques, including psycholinguistics and natural language processing to identify risk factors for MorganAsh to better understand risk profiles of consumers and feedback to insurers so that they can deliver more appropriate products.

PROFILE delivers unique insights into consumers including:

  • Employment
  • Personality Traits
  • Date of Pay
  • Spending Habits
  • Location
  • Life Events 


By utitilising our risk solution, PROFILE, MorganAsh will:

  • Digitalise their risk profiling process by enabling validation to take place online through big data and text analytics
  • Improve speed and efficiency of risk profiling by gaining real-time lifestyle and risk indicators
  • Gain a deeper insight into their customers for more accurate and personalised assessments
  • Target their consumers based on individual needs and profilesIncrease customer acquisition and boost ROI.


Author Clare Palmer