At Your Convenience

Exploring consumer attitudes towards the use of social data for online identity verification


We commissioned YouGov to carry out this survey in order to better understand the modern consumer, with the hope that businesses can learn from these findings and adapt their offerings in line with evolving consumer demands.

Out of 2109 respondents

73% use Facebook

30% use Twitter

22% use Instagram

15% use LinkedIn

Executive Summary


Relying on traditional data in application and verification processes is no longer convenient for consumers and restricts access in certain populations. Despite rising consumer demand businesses are reluctant to take on digital alternatives and, as a result, risk losing customers to competitors more open to innovation.

Consumers are increasingly becoming more comfortable with utilising options such as using social data for online identity verification and allowing businesses to view their digital footprint. Businesses must now consider their options to keep up with the demands and expectations of the modern consumer in order to survive in a competitive market.

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