How to enhance understanding of customers with rich lifestyle information

In light of the recent press, it is at the top of many businesses’ agendas to find a way to easily adhere to AML initiatives.

It is vital that gaming businesses do all that they can to ensure that their services are not being utilised for money laundering, and the current ‘hot topic’ has only highlighted the importance of having adequate checks in place. 

What can we do to improve?

The more informed, the better in situations like these. Consider taking advantage of different data sources to build more complete pictures of individuals. Integrating additional alternative digital data sources into your AML processes will increase your understanding of your customers,providing lifestyle information and real-time insights you would struggle to gain elsewhere.

Information achievable from sources such as those that Hello Soda can provide access to include lifestyle and affluence indicators built from data including:

  •       Holiday destinations and frequency
  •       Brands they associate with
  •       Job title & employment status

This method will help you to garner a deeper understanding of the individual that you are doing business, mitigate risks associated with money laundering, all in a digital way that does not disrupt the user journey.

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Author Charles Mott