6 valuable insights to get out of social data

There are 2.8 billion active mobile social users around the world, which equates to an impressive 37% of the world’s population. Facebook most recently reported its active monthly user base has reached 1.9 billion; with the amount of social data ever-growing, it would be senseless not to utilise it. The idea of attracting and converting consumers may seem simple, but moving them through your marketing funnel will be much more cost-effective given the right insights and actions.

Here I’m going to go through the top 6 insights you can get out of social data (with the right tools of course) ...


1) Interests

The most obvious piece of insight that a marketer might want to get out of social data is consumer interests – clearly beneficial when it comes to targeting social ads or segmenting their audience to boost engagement. 

2) Life Events

What is also important to know is what is going on in a consumer’s life that might affect their buying behaviour; for example, have they recently got engaged, are they moving house, have they just been promoted? All of these insights can help you predict opportunities for cross-selling or up-selling your services, or to tailor your ads to be relevant to their individual circumstances. One example of this would be if you are a restaurant and you want to encourage people to choose you to dine at- you could tailor your ads to reference a particular upcoming event worth celebrating e.g. graduation, an anniversary, or a birthday.

3) Personality

One thing that often goes overlooked (most likely because most tools rely on surface-level data analysis such as keyword count or who users follow. However, tools that use deep text analysis including psycholinguistics can infer the personality traits of the user which can be important when considering how to position your messaging (are they driven by facts and numbers; do they like choices; would they respond better to images focusing on socialising or being along? Etc.…)

4) Engagement

I mentioned interests earlier, but there’s a big difference between a Twitter user who follows Manchester United and mentions football once, to someone who follows multiple players and Tweets during every match. To really narrow down your audience in the most effective way (i.e. to ensure you get the best conversion rate possible regardless of whether it’s social advertising or email marketing), you want to take those people that are passionate about the thing you are marketing. This is where a lot of social analytics tools fall down.

5) Influence

If you want to get the most bang for your buck with your sponsored content or marketing, the trick is to target social influencers. One retweet of your sponsored ad for your new handbag range by a fashion blogger with 25000 followers is going to be far more valuable than a retweet by the average person interested in fashion with 400 followers.

6) Social Activity

Finally, when a person is most active online can certainly correlate with how likely they are to engage with or click through on your ad. Not every consumer will be responsive at the same points in the day, and going by group averages can lead you to miss some potentially interested consumers because they aren’t active at that point in time.

Thanks to advanced data analytics capabilities developed by our in-house experts, our suite of solutions can deliver all of these insights and more.

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Author Phillip Gbormittah