Exploring the potential that social data has for making the payments world more inclusive, safer and better for consumers is very much aligned with Visa’s core values, and I’m delighted that we’ve been able to work together in order to articulate a vision of what the future could hold in this area.
— Mike Philpotts, Innovation Partner at Visa Europe Collab

ABOUT Hello Soda

Hello Soda is a fast growing, international data analytics company HQ'd in Manchester, UK, with offices in Bangkok and clients across multiple continents including North America, Europe, India and Australasia.

We created PROFILE, an unstructured data analysis platform which is rolled out across the lending, gaming, retail, consumer and insurance sectors. 

Our specialist treatment of unstructured data delivers insights like never before. This means better credit decision making*, reduced fraudulent activity and a host of other verification capabilities that can personalise automated processes and help you make more informed business decisions.

Our exceptional knowledge of the different sectors means we have an ever evolving development stack that our tech team implements at lightning speed.

What we have achieved so far is merely the tip of the iceberg, our ability to utilise big data and the industries that we can service, is unlimited.

Dig deeper with PROFILE.

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*NOTE: we adhere to and have regard for the guidance provided by JMLSG

What is profile?

At Hello Soda, we build PROFILE, our proprietary software that interfaces with different data sources and third-party data providers to collect the digital footprint of a consumer.

With our unique data analytics capability, we unlock the value contained inside social and unstructured data. 

PROFILE takes millions of records from an individual's digital footprint, condenses them, and presents them in a number of scores relevant to your industry. So for the first time ever, businesses can benefit from the power of big data.

We free businesses from the reliance on traditional, restrictive data, so consumers can get the goods and services they want at a fair cost, and our scores enrich organisational decision making processes by offering fuller data, with a human element.

Our solution is currently used for ID verification, credit risk, personalisation, marketing and fraud prevention purposes, with the potential to expand into more sectors.

We help our clients to increase customer acquisition, retention and overall revenue while reducing costs and losses.